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Creating Wish Lists

Want to keep track of your TBR list? Want to let your friends and family know what books you're keeping an eye on for the holidays? Or maybe make a birthday list to send to your friends and family? Create a registry for a special event or occasion? Whenever you see a great book on our website, you can add it to a Wish List to remind yourself of what to read next or email your list to friends and family so they know the perfect gift to give you.

*First, you must have an account with us.
--You can login to your account or create one here:

Once you are logged into your account, search or browse for a book and click on ‘Add to Wish List.’  A pop-up box will come up where you can Create a Wish List, or add a new one if you have already created one.
--To email a Wish List, see 'Settings for your Wish List' below.

Settings for your Wish Lists

To change the settings for a Wish List, click on My Account (under the Search Box), then click on the ‘Wish List’ tab.
Choose the Wish List you want and update the settings as needed.
--You must have at least one book on a list to update the settings.
--Settings show up under the ‘Create New Wish List’ section.

Title (required) - You can change the name of your wish list here.

Your Name (required) - defaults to your email, but you can change it if you like.

Event or expiration date - You can make it for a specific date: a birthday, wedding, or other special event or occasion, or you can extend the date as long as you want.

You can also:
--Hide Expiration Date - uncheck if for a birthday, wedding, or other special event or occasion with a set date.
--Private - If you make it Private, your Wish List will not show up in a search on the website, but can still be shared via email.
--Add your delivery/shipping address - Anyone purchasing from your list will be able to send a title on your list to you.
--Don’t require shipping - Check only if all books will be picked up at the bookstore.

--Add notes if more details are needed.

--List of books added to Wish List shows up after Notes section.
--To Remove a book, just click on the box next to the book cover and click on 'Update Wish List.'

Email Your Wish List - Click on the arrow next to ‘Email Your Wish List,’ then add the recipient(s) email address(es).
--You can personalize the text for the Subject and Message; default text is shown.
--Click box for ‘I’m not a robot,’ then click on 'Email Wish List.'

Bulk Upload - The ISBNs for the books you have added to your Wish List will show up in the Bulk Upload box.  If you delete any of them, it will remove that book from your list.
--If you want to remove a book, scroll up to where you see the book covers and do it there.

Don’t forget to click on SAVE if you make any changes; they will not be saved automatically.



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