"The Hare on the Chair" by Susan Palumbo, Mary Palumbo, and illustrations by Gina Tripodi - Book Signing

Please join us at Barrington Books

for a book signing of

The Hare on the Chair

with Mary Palumbo

and special guest, Cousin Annie.

About the book:

Some people leap into new adventures with excitement, others may need some time to make that frightening first step. Whoever you may be, this wonderfully illustrated hardcover will encourage and engage you in understanding the value of each step taken. The Hare on the Chair is an inspiring tale about learning from new experiences and appreciating just how rewarding they can be.

About the authors:

Mary Palumbo is a quiet rebel, an outside-the-box thinker and a detailed organizer. She is an award-winning, forty year elementary educator, emerita with a master’s degree from Providence College.  Her years in the classroom led her to create the concept and title for The Hare on the Chair — her years of sharing a childhood-bedroom bond led her straight to her sister Susan for another of their lifelong adventures. “As a friend to many” in her own meadow, Mary sought out those friends who willingly provided their talents to help realize the sisters’ vision.  A loving mother, a lifetime friend to many, a worldwide traveler, a giver, a seer, she is always present and fully engaged. Mary is married to George Yerger with whom she now shares her new adventures and her greatest pride and enjoyment are her two sons, Nicholas and Mark. 

Susan Palumbo was born an avid reader, a natural wordsmith and a deep thinker with a sensitive soul. She lived a life filled with curiosity and a drive for new adventures – always wondering, “What’s out there?” Her life’s adventure took her from class valedictorian in North Providence, RI to Harvard University and Simmons College as an honors graduate. Her instinctive pursuit of knowledge formed the foundation for many of her adventures. A wonderful sister, an adventurous aunt, the best kind of friend, a poet, a creative powerhouse, a doer, she traveled the world, but never lost her roots. She approached life and those around her with innate humility, great humor and a twinkling brown eye always towards her next adventure.


About the illustrator:

Gina Tripodi was raised in Warwick, RI by parents Anthony & Catherine, but she was nurtured in art by her beloved grandfather, Vincenzo. Around their dining room table, drawing and painting, Vincenzo nurtured Gina’s shared natural talent. Those loving lessons were the cornerstone of Gina’s art education and fostered a life-long passion that drove her to pursue a degree in studio art at the University of RI. Currently, Gina continues to pursue her love of not only making but teaching art through a special and elementary education master’s program. Gina aims to help children utilize art as a creative outlet for learning and self-expression. To this day, Gina continues her grandfather’s legacy by sharing his loving lessons with as many children as she can. She has taught children at local summer arts programs, worked with children with autism to incorporate art into their schoolwork, and of course, nurtured her own niece and nephews in art around that dining room table. She shares her coastal life with Mary’s son Nicholas and their two dogs, Boomer & Brickley.


Saturday, December 10, 2022 - 10:30am to 12:00pm


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